Support for Campaign Champion Activists

Would it be possible to have a sticky post pinned to the top on here explaining what support is available for CCAs, how to best find out about latest work?
Also, if there are any CCA events coming up in the next 12 months it would be great for me to know now (and maybe others too) so we can save up, book days off etc.

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Natalie Windsor


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    Campaign Champions and Activists are two of the most recent incarnations of our campaigning roles, where our supporters sign up to specifically receive campaign actions from us. The main difference between them was that Activists would potentially take more involved actions such as face to face meetings with MPs.

    Our current campaigning role and all the associated tools and guides can be found here:

    It's worth noting that the 'How to Campaign with the RSPB' guide is now a little out of date. There will be a shiny updated version up there soon and we'll pop a post on here as soon as it's live.

    Out of interest, I did a google search for definitions of the word Activist and one of the most detailed desciptions was on Wikipedia:

    Activism  - consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change, or stasis. Activism can take a wide range of forms from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, political campaigning, economic activism such as boycotts or preferentially patronising businesses, rallies, street marches, strikes, sit-ins, and hunger strikes.

    I love my food so I'm glad that hunger strikes have never been in our campaigning role descriptions! To me an activist is someone who cares deeply enough about an issue to take action on it with the aim of affecting change for the better. 

    What do you all think? What does activism mean to you?


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    Sorry, my fault for procrastinating over the meaning of the word activist!  The roles were Campaign Champion and Campaign Champion Activist, however only the Champion role is currently available.