Safeguard Our Sealife

Hello everyone!

Is anyone here working on this campaign?
If so, what have you been up to?
Does anyone have any useful updates to share?
Anything would be welcome, to help me in my work on this campaign, thank you! 

Natalie x x x 

Natalie Windsor


  • Hi Nathalie

    Thanks for getting in touch.  Your post is very timely as just yesterday we joined with the Marine Conservation Society, The Wildlife Trusts, WWF and Wildlife & Countryside Link to hand in all the signatures we've gathered in support of an ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas in England’s waters - you can read more about it here.

    Currently there are no live campaign actions you can take, although there will be as the year progresses and we'll post information about them both here and on our Safeguard our Sea Life blog.

    Thanks very much for your support!



  • In reply to Steven Roddy:

    Thanks Steven!

    For anyone interested, a consultation is taking place in Scotland on Marine Protection, deadline 13th November.  You do not have to be Scottish to participate in some of these actions, which is great!

    Other Related News:

    Marine Conservation Society


    "It's another important week for fisheries. Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on EU subsidies that could either support or undermine the sustainability of Europe's fishing industry. Ask your MEP to invest in more fish, not in more boats > "

    More fish can only be good for birds, I assume.  When emailing my MEP about fisheries policies, I linked this with the RSPB's work in Marine Protection and highlighted the importance of saving seabirds.

    Polyisobutane Ban


    "Good news! Shipping regulator, International Maritime Organisation is to ban the discharge of high viscosity polyisobutylene(PIB), the sticky substance that caused the death of over 4,000 seabirds off SW England in April this year. It follows lobbying by MCS & other eNGOs who submitted evidence to the IMO, the Transport Select Committee’s Inquiry into the Maritime Sector & writing to DfT Minister Stephen Hammond. Particular thanks to RSPB & MCS' IMO rep Seas at Risk for their work on this. "  MCS

    Natalie Windsor


  • In reply to Natalie Windsor:

    I emailed the following to my MEPs - there is still time to email, in the next 6-12 hours:

    "Dear ,

    Please vote today for more investment in fish, rather than new boats. This will enable seas to recover, protecting seabirds and other wildlife, and help local people perhaps. There is no need to rush in today's climate. Slow growth is successful, and this can be embodied in sea growth by allowing seas the time they need to recover, promoting long term economic and environmental health. These are my views on the matter, wishing all well in the voting.

    Yours sincerely,

    Natalie Windsor"

    Natalie Windsor