If you are going to The Time Is Now lobby on Wednesday 26 June, and it is your first time at a mass lobby, you may well be feeling pretty apprehensive right about now. Wondering what is expected of you, will you be the only one from your area, what if you can't think of anything to say to your MP?

Hopefully this blog will help put your mind at rest!

A crowd of people, smiling and chatting, wait in the East Anglia region of the lobby queue

Firstly, lets look at what makes a mass lobby. It's where a significant number of people gather together with the aim of speaking to their MPs (or other political representatives) in groups. Speaking to your MP is one of the most effective ways to try and bring about change. But it can be a daunting experience for many of us! That's where a mass lobby wins hands down as you are extremely unlikely to be alone. For one thing there will be 300 lobby volunteers there to make sure your day goes smoothly. Also you will be there with thousands of other people in exactly the same boat.

One of my favourite ways to look at a lobby is as one of the most British things you can do - join a really long queue! The lobby line at Westminster on 26 June is likely to be close to one mile long! 

Back in 2015 I helped organise my first mass lobby, and my mum came along. Basically just to see what it was her daughter was working on, but whilst she was there she also took part in the lobby. I am so proud of what she did that day, and after, that I wanted to share it with others who may be facing their first lobby. Here she is, in her own words, talking about her experience.

The First Timer! An interview with Kim's mum

I also interviewed my wonderful colleague Amy Morrison, who has taken part in, and organised, several mass lobbies over the years. Here she is sharing her experience and top tips!

The Experienced Campaigner! An interview with Amy Morrison

Whether The Time Is Now lobby is your first or your fifteenth, I hope you have a fantastic day. Do let us know how you got on!

Hope to see you there!