The youth strike movement is calling for everyone, young and old, to stand in solidarity and mobilise alongside them for the Global Climate Strike on 20th September. People from all walks of life will be come together around this moment, from the earth strike movement to racial inequality campaigners, from shopkeepers to disability charities - we will take to the streets in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK to demand the change we need for climate, nature and people.

RSPB is standing alongside the UK Student Climate Network, encouraging all our staff and volunteers to take part or show their solidarity however they can, and we want to help all our members and supporters to do the same.

Why we’re doing it

Climate breakdown is the greatest threat to our natural world, adding to the long list of man-made destruction of our wild places. If we want to save nature, we have to take action on climate change too. We need our politicians, businesses and every individual to think boldly and creatively about how we change to live in harmony with nature. We don’t want to live in a world where wildlife, food and water are scarce, we only breath dirty air and people have to leave their homes to find habitable places to live – we want to live in a world where everyone is safe and has the basic building blocks of life – shelter, food, water and clean air – and where nature is abundant. Our children can play outside in parks full of bees, birds and butterflies, breathing clean air and coming home to healthy food. Our countryside is bursting with wildlife and provides us with essentials like clean water, carbon storage and healthy soils. Not just in the UK, but everywhere. That is a beautiful future to aim for, and together we can do it.

If you want to help build that beautiful, fair future for people and wildlife – show your solidarity on 20th September.

How you can get involved

If you want to take part in a peaceful protest and strike for climate, then here’s how:

  1. Click ‘going’ on the national facebook event
  2. Find your local strike. Here is a list of the ones we know so far but you can go to the website to find the most up to date list as the movement grows:
    • Edinburgh
    • London
    • Cardiff
    • Belfast
    • Cambridge
    • Norwich
    • Birmingham
    • Sheffield
    • Bristol
  3. Find your local facebook event and click ‘going’ too – they will keep you updated on where to go and what’s happening
  4. Share your involvement on social media using #ClimateStrike YouthStrike4Climate #FridaysforFuture and #EarthStrike
  5. Follow the UKSCN guide on how adults can show their solidarity.
  6. Make your own placards out of recycled materials to take along to the protests
  7. Ask other people to attend and get involved too! Whether it's your family and friends, or your workplace, spread the word.