The past few months have been difficult for everyone. We wanted to know how best to support you and to make sure the content we were producing was what you wanted, so we put a short survey in April’s campaigns update. Thank you to everyone who took part. The results were very insightful and we will use them to guide our creative outputs. 

As you probably know, we have campaigning colleagues based in each of the four countries. We asked the initial question of where you live so that so that country-specific content can be created in line with your asks. 

And now, on with the results: 

Q1. We’ve had a few ideas of things you might want to do whilst we’re in lockdown, please tell us which ones you like? 

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the suggestions in this question with many people picking more than one. However, the definitive first was Talk to the experts about key issues for nature (e.g. Q&A with conservation or policy expert). It’s great that you are so interested in learning more about the key issues we’re working to overcome. 

Our other three suggestions: Training sessions to improve your campaigning skills (e.g. webinars), Virtual coffee morning with the RSPB campaigns team, and Chat to our Parliamentary team about what’s happening in politics at the moment were all selected a similar amount. 

We are currently working with our digital team about the feasibility of running sessions like these.

Q2. What subjects would you like to know about? 

The majority of people were interested in all the different areas we work across from sustainable land management and marine policies to international biodiversity conferences and nature as part of the solution to climate change.

Q3. We’ve had a few ideas about the kind of content in the Campaigns Update you might enjoy during this time, please let us know which ones you like the best? 

The top three answers for this were: Stories of real people doing amazing things/community corner – I love that so many of you liked this idea, we’re so excited by the idea of celebrating others’ amazing work and successes; Behind the scenes look at what we do and who we are; and In-depth look at key issues.  

Combining the Anything Else questions into one, a lot of the suggestions revolved around bird IDing and ways you can make your garden better for nature/birds. There is lots of information about this on our website: 

To find out about nature-friendly gardening tips and tricks for every month of the year, click here. 

Once again, thank you for taking part. I hope you are staying safe.