With over 25,500 emails sent, reaching every MP in the country and several MPs talking about the environment in the first Repeal Bill debate, it's been a cracking start to the campaign. However, it's a fact of life these days that MPs are inundated with online actions on a daily basis. To really engage an MP now you need to do something a little bit different and a whole lot more unexpected!

One thing MPs rarely expect is people going back to them, which is why we would like you to do exactly that! Follow our step-by-step guide below and show MPs how important nature protection is to you, and to the wildlife you love.

Step-by-Step guide to going back to your MP with even more impact!

1) Use our Beginner's Guide to Campaigning to choose a way to go back to your MP. This could be a letter, a visit or meet up with them in your favourite green space! It is entirely up to you. Have a think about what would be the best way to inspire your MP, to show them what nature means to you.

2) Use our Beginner's Guide to Campaigning  and the Repeal Bill campaign FAQ (attached to this blog) to plan what you want to do and pick out the key points you might want to raise.

3) Put your plan in action and let us know how you get on!

We know this is a big ask, but you really do have the power to make a difference. Having a healthy, thriving natural world, where the most important and vulnerable wildlife and wild places have the protection they need, is something worth fighting for.

Here are a couple of things worth remembering:

- You don't have to be an expert on nature or the Repeal Bill (although many of you will probably know more about nature than they will!). You can just talk or write about how nature makes you feel, why it is important in your life and why you want them to make sure the Bill delivers the best outcome for nature.

- You are not alone! There will be others in your community and constituency that care about nature like you do. You can use the Nature's Heroes forum to put out a call for others in your constituency to join you at a meeting with your MP.

- We are here to help and you can email us directly at campaigns@rspb.org.uk

- I'm going to do the same with my MP starting with a letter, then following up with a meeting, as I've never met my MP before. I'll be honest, I'm quite apprehensive but the natural world means everything to me so I'm determined to do this. Anyone in South Cambridgeshire who'd like to join me in meeting Heidi Allen MP let me know! 

Repeal Bill campaign FAQ.pdf