Updated 15 January 2018 - We've now got crafters for every single species on our list - thank you so much to everyone bringing these species to hand-made life!

Back in October we invited you to help us Show the Love alongside millions of others by crafting green hearts for politicians, celebrities and RSPB staff to wear on Valentine’s Day. Wearing, and sharing, our green hearts acts a way to start conversations and spread the message far and wide that climate change is already affecting the things we love, but that we can do something about it, if enough of us show we care.

Over 48 of you got in touch asking for more info and your early submissions have been brightening our office days - we love them. The hearts that have arrived are beautiful, and we hope each of you crafters have kept one of your incredible creations for yourselves! RSPB's award-winning photographer, Ben Andrew, took a few of them out into this week's snow to get some great pictures - here are just a sample:

A felt heart on a hazel twig, a polkadot heart with 'change' across the middle in a bed of autumn leaves, a paper-craft bee heart in a sycamore tree and a blackbird, complete with nest, nestled in snowy bracken

Hearts made by Linda Evans, Jane Comer, Elaine Jones and Jan Colley

We know many more of you have been busy making and are just waiting for postcards to pin them to so you can add a hand-written message to accompany each of your hearts. We are expecting a full delivery very soon, so should have them out to you in early January.


Do you fancy a nature-based crafting challenge?

Last year for the first time we gave each of the ‘Species Champion’ MPs at Westminster a green heart to wear on Valentine’s Day, adorned with the species they champion in Parliament. Following this year’s election there are a small number of new champions at Westminster, and for the first time we’d also love to get Species Champions in the Welsh Assembly involved in the Show the Love campaign.

Do you have a flair for bringing nature to life in your crafting? If so we’d love to give one of your hearts to an MP or AM! These politicians are standing up for:

(these species all now have a crafter)

  • Adders
  • Arctic terns
  • Ash trees
  • Atlantic puffins (one in Westminster and one in the Welsh Government)
  • Barn owls
  • Bilberry bumblebees
  • Black oil beetles
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Brown trout
  • Choughs
  • Common pipistrelles
  • Common toads
  • Curlews (one in Westminster and one in the Welsh Government)
  • Dormice
  • Fen Raft Spiders
  • Dunlin
  • Dunnocks
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussels
  • Greater horseshoe bats
  • Grey seals
  • Harbour porpoises
  • High brown fritillary butterflies
  • Honeycomb worms
  • Lapwings (one in Westminster and one in the Welsh Government)
  • Large blue butterflies#
  • Lesser horseshoe bats
  • Native oysters
  • Natterjack toads
  • Nightjars
  • Noctule bats
  • Pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies
  • Pine martens
  • Red squirrels
  • Sewin (sea trout)
  • Shelducks
  • Shrill carder bees (one in Westminster and one in the Welsh Government)
  • Skylarks
  • Small blue butterflies
  • Small copper butterflies
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Spreading bellflowers
  • Swifts
  • Turtle doves
  • Twite
  • Water voles
  • Waxcap mushrooms
  • Welsh clearwing moths
  • Welsh daffodils
  • Yellowhammers

Although these species all now have a crafter making them, if you'd like to find out more about crafting green hearts for Show the Love week, send us an email at campaigns@rspb.org.uk.


What changes are you noticing?

Across the UK, our 2018 Show the Love activity in February will be focused on noticing change. The signs of climate change are all around us, and especially noticeable as the seasons change. So with that in mind, The Climate Coalition are kicking off the conversation a little earlier, with their alternative Christmas advert – do have a watch, and share it if you like it.