After decades of decline, nature in the UK is at a cross-roads. At this time of political change, we have a duty to encourage politicians not only to secure our current environmental laws, hard won during our membership of the EU, but to go further.

We need to push for laws that drive the recovery of nature, so that people across all four countries of the UK can know the thrill of being outdoors in wild places and being inspired by spectacular wildlife.

But to achieve that, politicians need to see what we already know: that nature matters to millions of people regardless of political outlook. People throughout the UK want nature protection to be better after the UK leaves the EU, regardless of whether they voted to leave or remain.

The RSPB has been working with experienced campaigners If Not Now Digital and Harriet Kingaby to jointly develop the #InOurNature campaign to serve as a catalyst for others to bring their own creativity and passion for nature to the debate about its future.

We’ve done this because we believe it’s vital that people beyond our dedicated supporters are made aware of this debate and empowered to have a voice in it. Because of this none of the content is branded RSPB, but we’re excited to be playing a role in ensuring nature has a voice.

#InOurNature is about giving people the opportunity to share their love of nature.

So, even though #InOurNature isn’t aimed at dedicated supporters like you, I’m posting this blog so you can see what we’re doing – and to give you the opportunity to get involved if you want to.

You can check out the campaign at and by liking, sharing, and commenting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Check it out today (Monday 13 November) to be part of the launch of our new film!