A glistening river flows through a lush green valley surrounded on either side by wooded slopes. Above is a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Nature and Us / Natur a NI

In this guest blog by Eleni Morus, RSPB Cymru's Campaigns Officer, we invite you to take part in Natural Resources Wales (NRW) new initiative to have a national conversation about the natural environment.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has opened a new initiative called Nature and Us / Natur a Ni , which is described as a national conversation about the natural environment. The aim is to develop a shared vision for the year 2050 and consider the changes we need to make leading up to 2030 and 2050, as individuals and as a country. NRW is inviting people to take part in events and to complete a short online survey which is open for responses until 28th April 2022.

We encourage you to respond to NRW’s survey and let them know your views on the natural environment – if what you want to say doesn’t appear in one of the survey tick lists, there is space for you to add your own points.

We at RSPB Cymru are letting NRW know that we consider the climate and nature crisis to be a global emergency that we really need to tackle in Wales, and we are raising the following priorities which we think the Welsh Government should be taking action on:

  • Ambitious legally binding targets for nature recovery and a strong independent environmental governance body
  • Reforms for farming, forestry and fisheries practice so these support nature’s recovery and don’t damage the environment
  • A strengthened network of effectively protected, managed and monitored sites for nature

Please take part in the survey today and have your say on the future of Wales' precious natural environment.

Take the online survey

If you need some more inspiration before filling in the survey then check out the Nature and Us video: