Firstly, a massive thank you for being here. The power of people is how we make change.  

Why now?

The next stage of the Environment Bill (the Report Stage debate) is on Tuesday 26th January. This is where MPs vote on proposed changes to the Bill. (At the bottom of the blog you’ll find a diagram showing the many different stages a Bill has to go through before it becomes law). 

Now the date has been announced, will you help us remind MPs why we need the Bill improved? 

As one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, we cannot wait any longer for action. We're calling for the Bill to include a legally binding target (the ‘State of Nature’ target) to reverse the decline of nature within the decade.  

The nature crisis is recognised by the Government. The Prime Minister co-led and signed The Leader's Pledge for Nature which promises to reverse the loss of nature by 2030. However, the Government’s failure to meet 17 out of the 20 nature targets it promised in 2010 shows that this is not enoughThe Environment Bill is our chance to make these promises law, but currently it does not match up to this ambition. That’s why we need you. 

How you can help

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being disappointed with the response I get when emailing MP. So, to try and inspire a different response, I thought I’d send a different email. 

The change we're calling for is all about protecting the nature we love and bringing back what we've lost. Let’s remind our MPs what’s really at stake.  

To bring the nature we love to life, myself and my colleague sent our MPs photos of nature near our houses to inspire them to attend the Report Stage debate. Will you do the same? 

You can find contact details for your MP on Parliaments website here 

In the words of Blue Peter, here arethe oneswe made earlier: 

Example emails

 Dear MP NAME,  

Thank you for all the work you’re doing for me and my community during covid-19. 

In December I asked you to attend the Report Stage debate of the Environment Bill and support the 'State of Nature' target to restore nature by 2030.   

Nature is really important to me, going on walks during lockdown has helped to clear my head and calm me down when things got too much. I took the attached photo whilst on a walk in Mousehold Heath. But this is bigger than me, nature has a crucial role to play in tackling the climate crisis but for it to help us, we must help it. We need to protect what we've got and bring back what we've lost.

With Report Stage now scheduled for 26th January, can I count on you to attend the debate and speak in support of recovering nature this decade? 

Kind regards, 

First name Surname 



^remember to include your full address and postcode so your MP knows you are a constituent.    

Dear MP NAME,  

I was a runner before the pandemic caused the first lockdown but the last 10 months have made me appreciate it for more than just the physical activity it provides. As our lives have shrunk in a bid to save the lives of ourselves and others, daily exercise, and the connection it provides to a world beyond my doorstep, has been invaluable. As I run past dog walkers and families, cyclists and other joggers, I can see from their faces that they feel the same. I, and I'm sure they, don't want to lose this connection; nor do I want to see the world I'm connected to stripped of the nature that sustains me as I run. This is a view over the River Great Ouse near Little Paxton. Not only does nature bring me joy, but it tackles the climate crisis and can be instrumental to our economic recovery. Please attend Report Stage of the Environment Bill and support the state of nature target to restore nature by 2030. 

I’d love to see the email you send to your MP, please could either forward on the email or BCC me in it, my email is   

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