Please see below the latest list of "Sleeping with Corncrakes" accommodation providers - scroll down within list to find accommodation in more areas:

Area Location Name Website address Email address
Isle of Lewis Eoropie, Ness Kilronan House
Two Seas Hebrides
Lionel, Ness 8 Lionel
The Decca
Port of Ness Camus Beag
Isle of Tiree Mannal Mannal House
North Uist Hougharry / Balranald  Balranald Campsite
Knockintorran Corncrake Cottage
Tigharry Cnoc nan Uan B&B
Tigharry Schoolhouse
Benbecula Borve / Torlum Borve Guesthouse
South Uist North Boisdale Corncrake Cottage
Cannach Cottage
Kelp Cottage
Lochdar Lochdar Cottage

Please contact accommodation providers directly through the above links to book your stay.

How else can you help corncrakes?

Why not sign up to become a corncrake champion so you can hear about the latest from the project? There are various ways you can help Corncrake Calling, including reporting your sightings of corncrakes if you are lucky enough to hear one whilst on holiday or if they are calling close to where you live.

If you are a crofter or farmer in a corncrake area, visit the Corncrake Calling Land Management pages to find out how RSPB Scotland can help you to help corncrakes through advice and funding.


In promoting the Corncrake Calling/Sleeping with Corncrakes initiative, the RSPB gives no assurance with regard to the quality of any of the accommodation referred to or promoted by the RSPB in relation to the initiative. You are responsible for choosing and researching your accommodation in the usual way. You should satisfy yourself that it will meet your needs. Accommodation providers are promoted by the RSPB purely on the basis that they have agreed to assist with the initiative. The RSPB has not checked or approved the accommodation referred to, and is not responsible for any accommodation failings that you encounter by virtue of the Corncrake Calling/Sleeping with Corncrakes initiative. Your contract will be with the accommodation provider and not with the RSPB, and you should ensure that it is satisfactory for your purposes. In the event that you choose to participate in the initiative, any claim you have will be against the accommodation provider and you accept that you will have no recourse against the RSPB if your holiday is not as expected.