Anybody can play a valuable part in nature conservation - you don’t have to be a bird expert to help us to protect our native wildlife. It takes all sorts to make any organisation flourish – some people can name any bird just by hearing it sing - others prefer run marathons or get their hands dirty!


In fact, this blog has been written by one of our newest South East volunteers, Libby Morris! If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities visit our website


Volunteer to run, swim or cycle:


By signing up to one of our challenge events you can push yourself to achieve a personal milestone whilst helping vital conservation projects. This April we supported ten runners to achieve their own goals in the Southampton Half Marathon, and they in turn helped us by raising vital funds to help water voles, skylarks and short- haired bumble bees.  Once our volunteer runners had signed up, we keep in contact with them about their fundraising plans and were on hand to support them. On social media we used the hashtag #TeamRSPB to create a buzz surrounding the entrants. Some of our representatives even went along on the day and cheered the runners on – and gave them a goodie bag at the end! Between five of our entrants over £1050 was raised, which is an incredible outcome. Everybody wins!

The entrants achieved a fantastic accomplishment and we were able to secure extra funds to protect our most vulnerable wildlife.

Event places come up through out the year. If you, your family or friends are interested in taking part then you can find out more here.


Volunteer with colleagues:


Whether it be volunteering for social causes, animal welfare or for nature conservation, cause-conscious companies are teaming up with charities like us and encouraging their staff to get out there and get involved. Work parties are a brilliant way to do your bit for wildlife conservation if you struggle for time. Corporate volunteering work parties are often made up of staff from companies who have committed to do a day of volunteering as a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


All sorts of people attend these days - not just birding groups or nature enthusiasts that you might expect! They all have one thing in common though – a desire to do their bit for nature. Volunteers range from avid nature enthusiasts and professional ecologists to corporate professionals with varying degrees of interest in the natural world. By the end of a Team Challenge day, everyone comes away with a more in-depth understanding of the ecosystems on their doorsteps and how their hard work has contributed towards protecting them.


Year on year, employee volunteers from the commercial construction specialists, the RG Group, come to their local RSPB nature reserve, Broadwater Warren near Royal Tunbridge Wells, to do their bit for nature.


Charlotte Lawrence, our fundraising officer went along on this year and said


“I was really impressed with the hard work and dedication of the RG volunteers. This small group of 10 people, with jobs ranging from office-based to construction site-based roles, worked so well as a team. It was a beautifully mild day, with birds singing and insects chirping. I saw the group’s inspiration grow as they chopped and sawed away in this beautiful natural setting buzzing with life. Together we cleared a surprisingly large area of rhododendron from its strangling grip on the native woodland.


Not only did the volunteers give nature a home that day, but they also came away with a greater understanding of wildlife conservation, woodland and heathland ecosystems and environmental issues surrounding invasive species. This year, like previous years, the RG volunteers have taken this knowledge back with them into their day jobs and shared it with colleagues, friends and family. Thank you RG Group and all our other corporate partners for doing your bit!”


You can find out more about our work parties here.