London's wildlife is a degree safer after we voiced concerns over plans to protect the Capital against the effects of climate change.

The London Plan is the Mayor's blueprint for how London should evolve. Wildlife was not included in the section on how developers should tackle rising temperatures, extreme weather and flood risks; until we gave evidence to a review panel.

A sentence proposed by us, requiring developers to incorporate the needs of wildlife, has now been added. This recognition will help to ensure the future of a number of species that could otherwise be squeezed out of London.

Publicly accessible green space is crucial for both nature and people. By ensuring green space is built in to new developments we ensure that wildlife can move between the big parks and open spaces, helping them survive. In return, these green spaces help absorb heavy downpours to prevent flash flooding and help keep the city cool, while also providing tranquil settings where Londoners can escape the stresses of everyday life.

If you'd like to help us secure a future for urban wildlife, join us as a member, a volunteer or help us raise funds to continue our conservation work. Follow the support us links to find out more.