Have you heard about and been inspired by our Let Nature Sing single? Why not come and hear this spring spectacular in all its glory? 

RSPB South East reserves are great places to get up close to nature and hear the wonder of the dawn chorus in person. Join us at one of our special Dawn Chorus events throughout April and May, where you can experience the performance of our feathered friends, as they sing to attract a mate and defend their territory! Birds can be at their noisiest and most tuneful first thing in the morning, and what starts off as delightful chirping with a few birds – such as robins and blackbirds – builds and reaches a beautiful crescendo as more and more in the area join the choir.

Late April through to early June is the best time to hear the dawn chorus and a great time to get outdoors and experience the joy of nature as it awakens with the sunrise. Studies have shown that hearing birdsong appeals to our subconscious – it makes us feel relaxed, our heart rate lowers and we feel all is right in the world.

Whether you’d like to try and catch the boom of a bittern at RSPB Dungeness, hear a nightingale at RSPB Pulborough Brooks or a woodlark at RSPB Broadwater Warren, we have lots of great options for you to choose from – find an event that most suits you: 

Dawn Chorus at RSPB Rainham Marshes
Experience the magic of dawn with a guided walk with one of our experts that will help you identify what birds are singing at this time of year - and then head back to the café!
Sun 5th & Sun 12th May (4-7am).

Note: The following Dawn Chorus events are now fully booked:

Bittern Breakfast at RSPB Dungeness
Experience the distinctive call of a booming bittern echoing from the reedbeds, followed by a tasty breakfast!
Sat 27th April (7-10am) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Dawn Chorus Walk at RSPB Broadwater Warren
As they warm up their vocal chords, learn how to identify between a melodious blackbird, a rather intense wren, a newly-arrived warbler and perhaps the beautiful song of the woodlark. Other woodland birds such as the Song thrush and nuthatch might even join the choir!
Sat 4th May (5-7.30am) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Up With The Lark at RSPB Farnham Heath
Farnham Heath reserve provides the stage for tree pipet, woodlark, redstart and Dartford warblers. Experience the dawn chorus on this gentle 1.5-2 hour amble around the reserve, with refreshments provided!
Sun 5th May (5.15am) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Dawn Chorus at RSPB Pagham Harbour
Close your eyes and soak up the sound of birdsong as it gathers from a single voice into the crescendo of a full orchestra in a ‘secret’ part of our reserve, followed by a well-deserved breakfast!
Sun 5th May (4.30-7am) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Dawn Chorus Walk at RSPB Hazeley Heath
Experience the dawn chorus on this gentle 2 hour amble around the reserve listening for the specialist heath species together with the more common birds.
Sat 11th May (5.15-7.15am) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Birdsong Masterclass special edition at RSPB Pulborough Brooks
Start the day out on the reserve enjoying the birdsong (most likely including the beautiful voice of the nightingale!), before returning to the centre for a workshop to hone your birdsong identification skills - with a delicious breakfast sandwiched in between. Then you’ll head out again to explore and put your new found skills to the test!
Sat 18th May (8am-12pm) - NOW FULLY BOOKED

Visit the RSPB Dawn Chorus webpage to book your place on these special events (which are selling out fast!) and for details on these and other events happening at our reserves. http://bit.ly/DawnChorus2019