We love balloons. Just look at the size of the one that we took on a climate change march a couple of years ago! They are fun, joyful, and perfect for celebrations such as the Jubilee and the Olympics.

Today we are joining forces with the RSPCA, the Marine Conservation Society, the National Farmers’ Union and the Soil Association, and asking people to take a little care with party paraphernalia such as balloons. Are we just being party poopers?

No.  (As if....) 

So what’s the issue? The sad truth is that whilst many children and adults alike love to see clouds of helium balloons disappear off into the skies, they then litter our land and oceans. Balloon debris may be mistaken for food, and block the gut of the unfortunate diner, which then slowly starves to death. 

Balloons have been found ingested in endangered turtles, dolphins, whales and seabirds. Most leatherback turtles that wash up dead on our UK beaches have eaten litter.

We’re not saying don’t have balloons, just keep hold of them. Or, if you want to see streams of colour high in the air, why not fly a kite instead? 

And if you want to step up the good work for nature, why not pass on this message? With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee just around the corner, there will be a number of balloon releases planned. If you hear of one, why not ask the organiser to reconsider? It worked with Wimborne Minster, who were planning a balloon release for 2 June, but have decided nature is more important. Their celebrations will go ahead, just as much fun, and just as well, just without a balloon release. 

Now that’s worth celebrating.