I am working with the Albatross Task Force as a project through the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) Internship programme. Recently I had a great opportunity to meet other people in the programme, which felt amazing. Together we are a group of hundreds of young and inspirational people.  I met other interns who come from different backgrounds and learnt about their lives as they were growing up and how much it means to them to be part of this Groen Sebenza Internship programme.

Below: My group in the South African National Biodiversity Institute Internship programme meeting

This has helped me understand the change that this programme has brought to the South African youth in the conservation sector. I sometimes looked around the hall and wondered where all those hundreds of people would be, or what they would be doing if SANBI had not provided such an opportunity.

Everyone seemed to be enthusiastic and willing to share their excitement about the internship. We had motivational speakers which inspired us to work hard and study further in order to reach our goals. we studied the importance of financial and time management in the work place, something that will be of use throughout my career. 

It has all renewed my happiness and appreciation for the good treatment I receive from BirdLife South Africa, and is a boost to the work I am conducting through the ATF.  The Groen Sebenza programme includes a large number of organizations, and is in its initial phase of development so there are lots of challenges but mainly successes! I was particularly enjoyed learning new specific skills and making the best effort that I can so as to become an attractive potential candidate for all future opportunities. I hope that my new skills will add value to the field of conservation.