Join us and people around the world in celebrating the first ever World Albatross Day and find out what the RSPB and its partners are doing to keep these amazing birds safe...

As you may or may not already know, the RSPB does quite a lot of albatross work! It was in fact one of the RSPB's very own seabird biologists (Michelle Risi studying albatrosses on Gough Island) that first came up with the idea of launching a #WorldAlbatrossDay and presented the idea to the Agreement of the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels last year.

Since we love these handsomely huge, wonderfully wise and adorably affectionate birds - we decided to kick of the inaugural #WorldAlbatrossDay in 2020 with a bang! 

In the lead up to WAD2020 we have therefore ben  uploading a series of short talks by albatross experts from around the world onto our Albatross Task Force YouTube channel - giving you the opportunity to learn more about these incredible birds, what makes them special, what threats they face and what we are doing to help keep them safe. 

Join us for a live Q&A 

As a particularly special treat, we are giving you the chance to join some of the astonishing people working on the ground to save albatrosses in a live Zoom Q&A session on World Albatross Day! 

Date: 19th June
Time: 12 pm BST
Zoom link:

Please note that the Q&A session will be recorded and uploaded onto the Albatross Task Force YouTube channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Albatross Task Force YouTube channel, learn all you can about albatrosses and come prepared with some questions for our Q&A on Friday 19 June!