Our Albatross Stars Need Names – Can You Help? 

As we start to really get to know the albatross stars of #AlbatrossStories there is one important piece of information missing – their names! We need some inspired and imaginative names for the birds we are following on social media that match their characters – can you help us find them? 

We are following individual albatross who live on Bird Island, South Georgia in the sub-Antarctic. We have two cameras following the progress of both a Wandering and Grey-Headed albatross nest- you can watch their every move as the couples bond, hatch and raise their chicks until they fledge.

Right now, we need names for our Wandering albatross couple who are devoted to their egg. These committed parents are very experienced having been together for 25 years. The Dad who celebrates his 40th birthday this month has successfully raised 18 chicks already! The pair will continue to incubate their egg until mid-March when we hope to see a fluffy chick emerge!

We are also after some imaginative names for our Grey-Headed albatross Dad and his gorgeous chick! The Dad is away for days at a time finding fish and squid for his chick, meaning the fluff ball is left to fend for itself during this time. We are loving watching it grow and can’t wait to see what names you think of for the chick and its Dad!

We’re particularly looking for schools to get involved so if you are a teacher, know teachers, or are involved in a school in any way, please pass on the message that we need albatross names! Kids will be able to follow along over the course of this year, and we will have more competitions for them to enter.

Email albatross.stories@gmail.com with your suggestions by 19th March, and continue to stay up to date with the birds by following #AlbatrossStories on social media!