Albatross Stories - What's it all about?

#AlbatrossStories is giving you the opportunity to follow the lives of four Albatross on Bird Island, South Georgia, throughout 2019. It is being run through a collaboration of the RSPB, British Antarctic Survey, BirdLife Partners and the South Georgia government and South Georgia Heritage Trust,  and we hope to share the incredible journey that Albatross go on when they breed.

Don't miss a thing as we capture the moments of birds finding their lifelong partners, laying their eggs, and raising their chicks until they fledge over 10 months later. 

The British Antarctic Survey have set up cameras on bird Island to make sure we get to see all the major life events of these birds. Join us as we follow four specially chosen albatross, one of each species found on Bird Island; the Wandering Albatross, Grey-headed Albatross, Light-mantled albatross and the Black-browed Albatross.

We have plenty planned for you to look forward to, including a children's competition to name our celebrity birds, various creative competitions, and meeting the brilliant cartoon counterparts of our albatross. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to be taken along on a yearlong journey of discovery with the albatross.  

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(Images: Steph Winnard, Oli Prince)