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The Goodbye

What can I say Osprey fans!  My heart is in my mouth and down at my feet !  :(         But, :)

I am expecting the very very best for this wonderful family. The Girls have had the very best start in life. They are blessed as they have been such a blessing to us. Three new Ospreys to grace our world and Scotland in particular.

I shall always remember my first sight of a very very handsome Osprey which Richard told us was named Odin.  I so hope one of us has a REALLY GOOD picture of Odin 'cos I didn't do so well in trying to grab images of him off the STILL camera to paste into Word, pop into Photoshop to change into a jpg image that I could more usefully use. (Hopefully with Richards OK - I just want it for myself, not going to do anything commercial with it or whatever).

And I shall always remember that moment of epiphany when on that cold Scottish night EJ left the sleeping chicks in the nest (leaving me to give an internal gasp and wonder where she was going in the dark!)  to return with a 'baby blanket' of some flat organic material which she draped over baby Garten before settling to brood them all.

Then there is .......The Girls . How beautiful Rothes is, how handsome Mallachie is, (yes,I know she's a she but somehow 'beautiful' isn't quite right) - so good looking, Mallachie, so good looking, and precious Garten, you are so, so attractive little one. But, of course, you are not little any more but grown and graceful. A family to be proud of indeed, EJ and Odin.

I have a lump in my throat and my eyes are misty as I type this. So wish I was Dr Doolittle !!!    :)

Au revoir  - till I see you ALL again - cherrio (not goodbye),