All of the lunar landings of all the Apollo Saturn 5 Spacecraft except the well known Apollo 11 lunar landing!

Above are the 5 Apollo landings on to the lunar surface except the Apollo 11 lunar landing that has been played back many times over the years. Apollo’s 12, 14,15, 16 and 17 lunar landings. Of course Apollo 13 is not among those lunar landings. Although BBCTV broadcast all of the Apollo missions and all the lunar walks including of those landings live. Most of those live broadcasts on to tapes have sadly mostly been wiped clean with only very few left in excistrnce. All of these broadcasts are in audio. The start of the Apollo 12 is silent. But after a few minutes the sound does come om.

  • Isn't it interesting that lots of people claim to have watched the moon landing on television. Thing is there were no pictures of the moon landing. Only two people saw it  viz Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. 

    Years ago I was invited to dinner with Patrick Moore. I was talking about the moon landing and I said "They came pretty close to abort didn't they?"  Patrick said "What do you mean by pretty close to abort?" They were told to abort.

    So it seems that Neil Armstrong decided that he was going to be first man on the moon, one way or another.

  • Remember watching and listening to the Apollo 11 landing. Only 30 seconds of fuel left for landing. Also BBC TV nearly missed the first moon walk.

    1. James Burke had to persuade the BBC management to stay on air right through the night for the first time ever in the history of  TV broadcasting. Although BBC TV had always stayed on air until 4.00am for General Elections. But in that era, an huge amount of the General Election results took place from late morning until late afternoon. So this was a first for BBC TV. And James Burke if what he thought was going to happen did not happed and turned out not to be true. James Burke said he would have got the sack. Link about that in this anrticle above.

    This was line of Apollo 17 launch from the surface of the moon.

  • You did not see Apollo 11 landing because there was no one filming the landing.

    Yes we did hear the voices of the astronauts with the infamous "Tranquility Base here" the Eagle has landed.

    Yes we did see the first moonwalk as Neil Armstrong was able to activate a TV camera as he came down the ladder. Thus the EVA on Apollo 11 was on TV.

    However Apollo 12  EVA was supposed to be in colour but I think it was Alan Bean (the only moonwalker I have actually met) who pointed the camera toward the sun and burned it out. Thus no one watched  Charles Conrad and Alan Bean walk on the moon.

  • I know it was in audio. But it was still tense not knowing whether Apollo 11 would land or have to abort.


    This has delayed earlier this evening.and hopefully will take place this evening UK time on NASA TV. Intuitive machines unmanned landing on the lunar surface.


    This has delayed earlier this evening.and hopefully will take place this evening UK time on NASA TV. Intuitive machines unmanned landing on the lunar surface. The live broadcast has started about 20 minutes ago, hopefully a successful unmanned landing on the lunar surface.

  • Interesting happening.  Apollo 13 nearly blew up at the end of the second stage burn.

    Many reports just say that the engine shut down early, but it was much more serious than that. That engine experienced pogo so severe that it was on the verge of tearing apart the S-II. The 2-ton engine, bolted to the massive thrust structure, was oscillating up and down about 3 inches at 15Hz. It was pretty much just by luck that the pogo caused the engine's average thrust to drop just enough that the IU suspected a problem and shut down the engine. If the average thrust had dropped slightly less, it would not have been shut down and within several seconds the S-II's thrust structure would have come apart. Since the LES was gone by then it is questionable if the crew would have been able to abort.
    Some earlier flights had experienced pogo in the center J-2 and a fix was in the works, but it was too late to be incorporated into 13's S-II. It was thought that since the pogo had not been severe on the earlier flights that it was okay to fly 13 without the fix. But what was just a concern on the earlier flights nearly became catastrophic. More would have been reported on this if it had not been for subsequent events on that mission.