Week long holiday and right now in a hotel in Morecambe

Well I’m in Morecambe despite no trains at running north or south today at Carlisle railway station, although trains from Newcastle-Carlisle were running but getting no further. Then I looked at the timetables and I had travel down to Leeds and then wait for 50 minutes for the connection from Leeds-Morecambe departing Leeds14.18 and arriving in Morcambe at 16.30 much later than. All home made cooking at the hotel. Off to Leighton Moss tomorrow. Sunday train timetable. It is very easy to get to Leighton Moss from Morecambe. Better Monday-Saturday. Other places I’m thingkimg of going to. But Leighton Moss in 1973 was the best ever sighting of a Bittern I ever had where it stood only a few feet away in front of one of the hides for well over 30 minutes. Long before mobiles or digital cameras. Only the true professional really got top class photos of wildlife in that era. Of what I can remember of that era there were practically no photographers in any of the bird hides or elsewhere or very few with with cameras. But now it’s so easy to get a good photo with Digital cameras.



  • Sounds like you're having a great time in Morecambe! I remember my week-long holiday in Broadbeach vividly. The hotels there were fantastic, offering stunning views and top-notch service. If you ever plan a trip there, definitely check out the broadbeach hotels. They're sure to elevate your holiday experience.

  • just thought I should help clear up the confusion on this post exspeacialy for any others who see this thread since it seems people have got comfused and still think hes away even though its 2024 now 

    this main post was made  on a Saturday on the 7th October 2023  he was going to be off to Leighton Moss on Sunday the 8th 

    the thread on the other page  on this post  says on the 8th he had taken lots of photos at Leighton Moss  and took just one quick photo with his i phone from his camara so hadnt sorted it out yet but hes going to sort it out after his return on the Friday.  the day before Friday 13th  on the 12th he said The first photo of a Buzzard at the main Leighton Moss reserve and then most of the day today, I spent  at RSPB Morecambe Bay Reserve. Not far from Leighton Moss.  on that week the day after  would of been Friday 

    so it is unlikely he is still on the holiday this post is talking about. its an old post. 

  • those are nice photos you took and I hope you had a good time