Sunrises and Sunsets 2023: Share your photos here....

First, Happy New Year to you all, and what better way to kickstart the Sunrises and Sunset thread for 2023 with a sunrise on New Years Day!

Last years thread provided lots of interesting and colourful photos, and it's time to kickstart the thread for 2023. The link to last years thread: "Sunrises and Sunsets 2022: share your photos here" if you're interested in looking back.

The photos don't all have to be of the sun rising or setting, they can be dusk, reflections from the sun in the colours that are often cast on objects.

You can still post any sunrise  or sunset photos from 2022 to the old thread, and it will be nice to see your photos for 2023 here.

My very first photo for 2023, and as the sun rose above Hay Wood

Baddesley Clinton looking as always, splendid with the colours of the rising sun

My favourite five bar gate also catching the colours of the rising sun.