Some thoughts on covid 19 restrictions

  • Michael Gove.

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    Michael Gove.

    Oh, bloody hell.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    Yes, Clare.

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  • I think that there will be enough people waiting to get their vaccination for a long time to come. I don't think discussing peoples personal choices is helpful but the information from Ann & Tony on drug research methods was very interesting. Many thanks. I just wish that people would be more keen & respectful when it comes to handwashing & social distancing, especially in supermarkets. The best way to stop this virus is to follow the rules.

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    Thanks, Tony and Clare. Great to have confirmation, Tony--thanks! One main issue might be that some people distrust experts, unfortunately. I recall our not-so-esteemed MP telling us during the Brexit row that "we've had enough of experts." With folk like that it is sadly no wonder that some end up doubting everyone and only listen to other uninformed folk.

    Its not the experts I distrust, its the politicians.

    "Coronavirus: Little evidence of Covid transmission in schools, says Williamson" from a well known news source

    Of course there was no evidence, the poor youngsters were effectively locked up for over three months....

    That is one of many misleading statements handed out from politicians.

    While I applaud the fast introduction of the Covid vaccination, I feel at this early stage, without the evidence to support it due to its very early days, too much is being pinned on the coming months. Things will get easier, but more data is required before we can be certain of when, with the added aspect of international holidays being promoted again, which I feel has too greater chance of setting things back.

    On a light-hearted note, for those worried about being tracked, then get rid of you mobile devices, and in particular smart phones, because you're already being tracked.

    As for the infertile scare, suites me, and Mrs PR, we're at the stage for grandchildren, not brothers or sisters for our only son. LOL


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  • Hi

    I just read that 'local' is defined in Scotland as 5 miles- in Wales it's 10 miles.

    However in Derbyshire it's anywhere you aren't carrying a cup of pre-bought coffee apparently...

    For advice about Birding, Identification,field guides,  binoculars, scopes, tripods,  etc - put 'Birding Tips'   into the search box

  • Despite what is and has been repeatedly said in briefings, there has been less and less compliance, and more and more 'exercising' involving cars ever since Barnard Castle. There is no difference in traffic on country lanes here than at any other non pandemic time. If anything, there is more, as people are 'working from home' in their cars......

  • There is definitely less compliance, which I put down to the "Cummings Effect", even though it's not an excuse.

    If Cummings shown some decency, and the law was upheld, I feel a lot more folk would fall in to line more easily.

    As for the two Derbyshire girls earlier in the week, they hadn't travelled far, but I do question the integrity of the story. I know some of our police can be heavy handed, but generally, they aim to give advice with probably a smack on the wrist and send you packing. So if those girls were fined, had they done something to antagonise the situation! Or was it dubious reporting, a setup for sensational journalism....

    There is also frustration of the ambiguity of the lockdown restrictions, to the point I really am not sure where I stand on the exercise basis. It seems I can only walk from my front door (not an appealing idea) or not at all. I dislike the urban environment, and probably would be covid safer in many places I know, at nearest, 30 mins drive from home. because there is nowhere else, it is all bricks and mortar, or HS bloody 2.

    Sorry for swearing.

    My local woods, are a druggie haven and full of discarded sofas (often with needles found in them), beds and mattresses from the council estate the other side, and it certainly would not be wise to take any optical equipment, or you'd be branded a peeping tom at best, and almost certainly receive a visit from PC Plod, and understandably so.

    Out of respect for others, I'm a prisoner in my own home, a ticking obesity time bomb waiting to explode.


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  • Hope the vaccine roll out continues at speed; out of interest Mike is 76 and has just been called up for his first vaccine on 28th Jan and 20th April for his 2nd jab (less than 4 miles away at a local pharmacy) ......... so it is happening folks ! the rest of us will have to be patient a while longer.


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  • It's wonderful to read the positivity from fellow forumites during this prolonged period of uncertainty. I'm only mildly asthmatic, so hardly in a high risk category. I live on my own, although I am fortunate to have a post PMV Feral Pigeon for company. She lives in the house, so I do have someone to talk to!
    The college risk assessment was leaning towards me having to remain at home during the current lockdown as I am a public transport user. However, if I travel outside of peak hours, I can avoid any kind of contact. I have been wearing disposable latex gloves since last March (not the same pair, obviously) and I use a KN95 mask. I'm a little paranoid and OCD, but I'd rather be overly cautious than put myself or others at risk.
    I was fortunate to be selected for an Office of National Statistics survey and subsequently I have been tested for Covid almost fortnightly since September. It takes place on my doorstep and I do the test myself. It has certainly put my mind at ease, to an extent.
    We only work 2 shifts of 4 1/2 hours each week at present. My need to be on site to observe the behaviour of the Peregrines has added weight to my wish to be at work, so I am grateful for that. I also have the college Robins to feed! Hopefully the YouTube feeds will go live very soon and I will be able to tweak camera 3 if required.
    The college has excellent protocols in place and these are reviewed on a regular basis, so that also puts my mind at ease.
    I don't have any birding areas within reasonable walking distance and I will not use buses. I therefore concentrate on the 40 or so Spadgers that visit daily as well as the Starlings, Goldies and BT's. Of course I also have Apple Tree Robin, who hand feeds and I shouldn't forget the Pigeon Mafia, who number 70 or more. There are also 6 pidges in the aviary. Two cannot be released, but the other four will be soft released in a few weeks.
    Fingers crossed we all get through this without any personal loss and hopefully some of us will meet up at Leighton Moss at the end of June.
    Stay safe everyone.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)