Is the forum having a wobble, again!

  • Time for a new system

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  • Thanks for the fix but wonder why this has happened a few times affecting the community pages; what is different about the web page for the Shop and Membership pages which always load super fast and the snail pace forums ? ;) lol


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  • It's working again!

    But for how long.

    Thanks for the referral links to the Loch Garten thread, unfortunately things were so slow, I just gave up and moved on.

    It could be me, but I feel things have been a lot worse since the last big upgrade, and while I accept to a certain extent, any new system will always have bugs that need to be sorted, this is one bug that keeps returning. The link that was shared for me from Loch Garten, and others, its not been the first time they have raised the matter.

    Anyway, groan off the chest.


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