70D or 80D

Hi. I have used a Canon 1300D(Rebel T6) for some time. I am planning to upgrade to the Canon XXD lineup. I primarily planned to buy a 80D but reading some reviews and posts here in reddit and seeing the specs and comaparing them, they dont seem to have ground breaking differences. So now I am confused what should i go for, the 70D or 80D. The biggest difference for me would be the low light performance and also how different would the processor performance be. word counter VidMate Mobdro

The price difference is about 200-220 USD, where I live.

Also i am more into shooting stills than video. I just do casual photography for friends or family. But i do plan to get into concert photography.

So what would you suggest?

PS: The 80D is 750USD and the 70D is 550USD, where I live.

TL;DR: have used 1300D for a while, upgrade to 70D or 80D?

  • If the money's there, 80D all the way. Newer generation sensor, newer processor and most important, better AF (45 point vs 19 point in the 70D). The 19 point AF first saw light of day in the original 7D, the 45 point is a more modern system. The centre AF point particularly is more sensitive to low light in the 80D (-3EV compared to -0.5EV in the 70D if my quick Google is correct) which will benefit your future concert work. I've not shot a 70D but I have an 80D (well, Mrs WJ has) and it's a very nice bit of kit - you can't go far wrong with it.
    Though, if you really want to do a lot of low light photography, a full frame sensor may be your ultimate goal as full frame inevitably gives great results in poor lighting (ask any wedding photog taking lots of pics in dim churches!).


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  • Or, you could wait a while and go for the forthcoming 90D, which has been revealed.

    I'll second Whistling Joe's comment on Full Frame, I was knocked back when I upgraded from the 750D to a 5D.


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  • Sounds like you really ought to go Full Frame for the light performance, but i appreciate there is a big price difference. Only you can decide whether you can wait that long to save for a full frame - my experience of trade in prices is that cameras don't have high value, because they are always out of date technology wise so soon so you probably lose at least 50% value taking a new one out of the shop.




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