Swallow found unable to stand, it crawls and tries to fly

Im in Greece and found a swallow that crawls on its belly as it cant stand, and flaps its wings but cant fly.

Vet told me after giving it a jab its not with broken wings but an exhausted migration bird.

Its 5 days now im caring by hydrating with a syringe and making a bird meal pulp with water and gentle force feeding because it doesnt eat or drink what is put down.

I have been given bird rescue numbers in Greece but the mobiles are disconnected, voluntary rescue Samaritans.

Im wondering if maybe this bird has serious problem that it cant stand but crawls on its belly. Can it be exhausted that it cant stand up?

Its very trusting that i dont need to wrap my hand around its wings and sits or hangs on quite happy.

Feathers in good order.

Any suggestions?


  • Hello Max, sorry to read about your poor Swallow, you are doing what you can, giving it food and drink. As the vet says, it may well be a tired bird and just needs some more time to recuperate. I am afraid I have no further knowledge for you. Keep doing what you are doing and keep it somewhere safe, away from any predators. Good luck.

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  • I would say it's far too late for an exhausted migration bird, more like a youngster that left the nest a bit early? Just do what you can to feed it. They live on insects generally so if you can catch a few flies, moths, or butterflies for it, it may perk up.
    Good luck & thanks for caring.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • yes thank you.
    already rescued a dog thats with me 9yrs now.
    Love Swallows but could never have a bird in a cage.
    Just do what I can to help it recuperate.

    Cant sew how to upload photos from the mobile here
  • In reply to Noisette:

    tried some half live insects but not a peck.

    But left a nest early hmmm maybe.... I did have a good look around for signs of nest or other same spices

    good thing is its not scared when i approach and handle and happily grips on my fingers and sits there.
  • sad no bird rescue Samaritans to be found here (Volos Greece) there are some but a few hundred klms away Im thinking of a journey soon if no progress in its recovery
  • Are you sure it is not a swift? Swifts won't be able to take off without being given space off of the ground.

  • perhaps, Im trying to see how to upload photos here?
  • perhaps, Im trying to see how to upload photos here?
  • In reply to Robbo:

    perhaps, Im trying to see how to upload photos here?