Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • The last thing I expected to see was a Buzzard swooping down to nick the scraps put out for the Kites. Took me completely by surprise.



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    wow Tony,  those shots aren't bad at all considering you were taken by surprise with little time to grab pics;    what a fantastic bird to have swoop down so close - I'd keep the chicken scraps going with camera on standby  lol    


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Wow is right!  Perhaps you can persuade it to come back when you are doing your Big Garden Bird Watch, TJ; I don't imagine many folk will have a Buzzard on their list!

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  • A lovely surprise … and I'm sure it will keep you busy for the coming days keeping an eye out in case it returns


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  • Well, at least I saw a Bittern. I did actually see the whole thing but, of course, as soon as I thought to try and photograph it, it disappeared!!


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    lol, Nigel!  At least you saw it!

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  • Only slightly fuzzy 


    Cin J

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    Better than not at all C ... is very cute!


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    A couple of a wood pigeon falling from a feeder, then going back for more.

    Sadly the autofocus didn't quite capture the moment clearly enough....


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  • Hmmm- the thing I'm beginning to realise is that my brain filters out the boring bits (Canada goose and branches in the foreground) - so why did I think the camera knew I was focussing on the 2 male mandarins just behind? Doh!

    Karen B Suffolk