creativity. Wildlife board game

I made a Wildlife board game today first the front looked like this.  I put the paper in the centre of the carboard and cut around it with scissors then selotaped it on then drew the squares 

aswell as the back but didnt draw on the back 

then I drew the shape of a bird on cardboard cut around it then used a stapler and selotape. drew a stand for it cut it out and stuck it on the front and back of the bird with selotape

then there you have it a Wildlife board game 

Iv drawn a worm and a Buzzard. the worm means one space and the buzzard means one step back. the figure at the end of the board game is a bird of prey. the figure at the end can be moved  by a player. if it meets up with one of the other figures its game over. whoever makes it to the end without getting caught wins 

  • I didnt plan weather to make something or not or weather to make the board game its just an idea that came to my head in the afternoon. but I didnt start it until the early evening. I started it before 5 then after tea at around 6 I started it properly

    it took longer to make the board game than it did to make the fugurines cause the cardboard was thick and I didnt have good scissors and things like that at the time  but I started the figurines after the board game. it took the rest of the evening then I made some more figurines altogether I i finished cometely after midnight between 12 and 1:30  I sent the updated pictures of the board game and the rules later on then I made the rules of the game and added the icons on the board the things that will help and things that wont and your goal then I  added it to the post 

  • This is a board game from 3 years ago with a twist!