Wildlife drawings starting from 1st December. first drawing. Drawing of a plover

  • Heres after makeing the head more circular, I rubed out the line that goes through the middle of the face from the shape and added the right side and filled  in some details 

  • by useing this pose  I was able to make these drawings 

  • I hope everyone enjoyed the Kingfisher animation I did. I have drawn other things too but I still hadnt finished the Kingfisher animation so thought I would finish that animation off of the Kingfisher before sending other birds 

  • I drew the mute swan when I went for my appointment in Brighton at the hospital. i didmt take my camara cause  it was a short distance from the car. And there wasnt any wildlife at the hospital  as you can imagine. but we got back in the car after the apointment and went to the beach so I took my camara with me then instead. at the appointment I wanted to draw a swan cause ai saw one in flight a few hours earlyer at a service station.  

    I dont use photos for reference so I dont need to have my camara with me or any images from a book or elsewhere with me so that made things quiwt easy for me when I was waiting. if i know what a wild animal  looks like and particularly if iv seen it alot. my brain recollects the memory of the wild animals iv seen no matter how long ago or how recent and I can focus on the animal in my memory.

    sometimes I pause the moment in my head. other times a memory comes up but as a already paused snippet from my memory of an encounter in my head of a animal Iv spotted once or many times and then  im able to then draw what I see in my head. I dont allways have control over when and if and what birds are recalled that go through my head so I domt always know what im goimg to draw  and they come if and when they please but I can also recall memorys of Wild animals iv seen  conciously aswell not just subconsciously.  this trait came in handy in Brighton.

    if someone wanted me to draw something and were to describe a bird to me I would be able to draw it aswell but I dont need a description to use my imagination and ihave a very vivid imagination.  I havnt drawn a swan for a couple of months now so it was something different and although im good at drawing i find my drawimg gets better every year and if anyone has seen my drawing of swans before you may notice that I have improved and its more realistic in comparison 

  • this is another drawimg I also wanted to send 

  • 30th December 2023

    I drew this in the car and finished it when I came back from a trip to Sumerset to see my Aunty and Uncle