Snail drawings

  • Since Iv had a Snail day due to the weather. And mainly observeing Snails, I suddenly felt like drawing a Snail later on. I Drew it from memory without haveing to copy or trace. I actually find it much easyer to draw things from memory rather than copy and trace aswell. With landscapes Sometimes I find for landscapes even if I havnt seen them enough then if I have got to know a landscapes characteristicss very well or how a specific landscape is formed I can then picture its formation in my head or recall much more details of it after. I also find at times even if there’s a certain species I havnt drawn very often if I get to know a certain species anatomy I can learn how to draw it from memory even better. Iv drawn Snails before and they were good but no where near as good as This. today Iv learned how to draw Snails far better than I used to and I have learned more about there anatomy. There more interesting than they appear. I used to draw the shell first but now I draw there mouth and then there eyes then the rest of the body after.

  • This is a Snail crawling on a leaf