Somethings new, somethings old, somethings blue

My first attempt at acrylics, done quite recently. Figure I'd do something simple. The gulls were resting on a small island that appeared in Finch pond when water levels dropped. I finally got around to signing the thing and photographing it properly.

Work In Progress: My second attempt(s) at acrylics. Part one of a trilogy. Egyptian geese landing in Finch pond. I finally got around to slapping on the blue background this morning. Needs some severe touching up. A painting is completed when I get fed up with it, which doesn't take much.

Painted some years back when I was teaching myself how to paint. A watercolour on cartridge paper, hence the extreme cockling. I composed three (well known) images found on t'internet but also made up a lot; mainly the background, dust and shadows. This will always  remain in my possession.

Again, painted some years ago as I grappled with watercolours and tried to figure out this art malarkey. I still use them, a nice cheap set by Reeves. They do the business. On cartridge paper (as I was practising) hence the cockling. Once again, always to remain in my possession.