Red Kites

When I left work in Kelvedon, Essex yesterday I saw a pair of Red Kites circling. Not seen them in this area before.
  • Good news, Vicky--thanks!  Hope to see them when we are next over that way.  I saw one fly over our garden in west Surrey just yesterday.  There have been a couple in our area only a few miles away from us for several years now--beautiful birds.

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    Red Kites are spreading very nicely all over the country in recent years,a great bird to see and one the non birding public seem to take a great interest in.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    I live on the Berks/Bucks border and have been blessed with increasing numbers in the last few years - great to hear they are definitely spreading further a field. A pure joy to see.