A problom with posting comments

on the I pad sometimes if you quote someone it comes up with error but I noticed that when you quote someone and it sends the same mark as the beginning of the name quote is there but when it doesn’t work it isn’t there so I managed to solve the problem by adding the missing mark that’s normally there 

  • Zo. Thomo's issues were two fold. The above was what I was referring to re the first issue. The second issue was the other screenshot he provided, which is iPad related. The above isn't. It was just an editing error on his part.

  • stealthybutnotthatstealthy said:
    Zo. Thomo's issues were two fold. The above was what I was referring to re the first issue. The second issue was the other screenshot he provided, which is iPad related. The above isn't. It was just an editing error on his part.

      I have had the first and second issue lots of times but  im only referring to the first issue.  so on the part where you said 

    you have edited your post and acidently made the “quote” unbalanced. Unless you corrected it it would not of posted

    I got confused and mis understood your comment but I didn’t know I misunderstood at the time when I read it 

    I have found on occasions if you comment under the quotation incorrectly it’s as if  there’s an inconsistency between your comment that can be quoted and the quotation So I took quote as referring to that and  his comment cause of that rather than the word quote.

     then after that I quoted but didn’t send it and noticed it had the symbol unlike thomos screenshot so I started exsperimenting with the quoting but on one of my posts   by typing a sentence abouve what I’m quoting, below what I’m quoting and other ways in the box but that wasn’t the problem this time cause   it sent no matter where my sentence was.    so I pressed edit removed the quote word  and re quoted so I exsperimented with the quote word and  it did need  a mark next to it in order to send.

    in reference to the word quote issue side of it I have found you don’t have to edit anything. You can quote someone and it will come up with the word quote missing this symbol  ] 

  • With so few posts, I don't think it would have been asking too much, to expect a bit of proactive monitoring to have commenced after the wave of spam about a month ago......a quick log on and check, to see if any overnight posts from overseas have been made......
  • Asking waaaaaay toooooooo much lol
  • The problem is with no active moderators around for years since Mrs T(Clare) retired and the moderators under her now long gone and also cuts at the RSPB with redundancies as well.. With no active moderators for years these problems will continue! Also there are a parts of the main RSPB website still missing such as on the list of RSPB reserve's since the previous upgrade around August/September 2023. The have said all parts of the main RSPB website would be back as they where before the upgrade by January 2024. Well 2024 is now here and I hope that will happen. But like previous problems as well as promises I wonder when this will happen or possibly won’t happen as I’ve seen over previous years. I don’t like the new look website as well as problems such as mentioned in this thread. I’m just saying my past experiences on this forum from previous years when there were no problems or very few technical problems. But now and in recent years everything has got worse as far as problems are with upgrades and nothing being done afterwards. Hope I’m wrong. But we will all see if things get back to normal with important parts of the home page of the RSPB still missing.

  • Looks like spam has gone now....

    Re RSPB staff cuts.....

    From what you're saying Thomo, if your dental surgery reduced their dentists from 4 to 3 eight years ago, when you next go in for a checkup, you will accept them telling you they won't see you as 8 years ago they reduced staffing?

    It is someone's job to deal with the community. It is not sustainable to suggest losing staff years ago affects someone being able to take seconds to log in to do their job.
  • I’ve  emailed the the former RSPB  ceo to his director mail address and had a reply. I’ve emailed other management to there direct email addresses and direct reply’s from them. Guess. What nothings changed. Look at the various RSOB Facebook and Twitter accounts. You get regular replies from moderators from the various Twitter and Facebook RSPB websites. That should tell you something! You can try the same as others have as Well. Every upgrade has been made much worse. There are  a lot of former long term members of this RSPB community who have left this community for that reason. As one other member said. If it wasn’t for the Osprey section of this community forum. This forum wouldn’t excist. When the Osprey return in spring. Thie forum gets overwhelmed by various Osprey threads.

  • Yes, I agree with the above. But that is a different argument to staff numbers. RSPB do need 'office staff'. But, I don't want them to increase office staff to then 'WFH' covering forums and social media. Covering one platform over another is choice. Not staff levels.
  • There were a large number of staff made redundant. Martin Harper the former director of conservation left and had a new job. One of the senior management. Did you know that, that position of Director of Conservation was never replaced. And there were a lot of redundencies. Also did you know that one reserve in Wales has been closed for many years/decades. You may have heard of the reserve called  Gwenffrwd and Dinas(don’t know if that’s spelt correct) Well most who visit don’t  know about the Gwenffrwd. As for many decades only the Dinas, the smaller area  has been open  as there is a public footpath. But as there are so few visitors to this reserve. The larger. area called The Gwenffrwd has been closed for a very long and is the larger of two seperate areas of this large reserve. Reason the wardening staff have been cut. Most RSPB reserves had their own separate staff. Now there are wardening staff that have to look after more than one reserve. Havergate Island used to have a lot more opening days for visiting. Now just open one Saturday every month for those sailings and have to be booked in advance. Similar reasons as the Gwenffrwd in Wales. But over the last few years there have been lots of  more redundancies. The way of  finding out  about all of this  is to  ask questions is to register for the RSPB’s AGM.

  • Spam is still getting through.....'Anniesteuber'......