Siting a Swift box

I’d like to put up a swift box but the wall we plan to put it on will put it close to a bat box that we have just discovered is inhabited by pipistrelles. Will swifts disturb the bats or vice verse or is it ok to put them close to one another? Thanks

  • Realistically, you'll do well to get swifts using the box. Do you have them around your house? House sparrows are more likely. I started with swifts but sparrows took over subsequent years.

    Re clashes, swifts wouldn't be able to get into the bat boxes I've seen here. Can't really comment on yours though. Bats might take up the swift box though.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks Robbo, and yes we have a lot of swifts flying around the house & I don’t mind if a house sparrow moves in! My question was more about whether the bats & swifts would live happily alongside one another. I don’t want the bats to move out if a noisy swift family are next door. Anyway, thanks for your reply.
  • No problem. Realistically, house sparrows are far noisier than swifts over a much longer period of time. They are also intolerent neighbours. They also take over swift nest sites, so encouraging them will increase the risk of losing those swifts that you already have if the sparrows can get into their nest entrances. Their nest sites may be inaccessible for sparrows, so it could well be no problem at all. It would be high risk to encourage them though based on my experience with swifts and house martins. Just thought I'd make you aware.

    No harm contacting as per Alan's link. I can't see how swifts will be an issue for bats though unless they can get into the box, which you have presumably checked already.