Hedgehog question - help needed

i have a hedghog that visits my garden everynight but my dog has spotted him and has chased it (i have a hedgehog house for him which he runs into)what should i do? I don't want to try and stop the hedgehog visiting but I don't want my dog to frighten him away ️my dog is a small cockapoo should I just hope my dog loses interest (or gets prickled!)!

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  • Don't let the dog out in the garden after dark (when the Hog's likely to be about) - or at the very least, be out there with it to stop any chasing. Keep the dog on a lead if it's particularly difficult to get away


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  • Most hedgehogs will defend themselves by curling into a ball, and then the dog will get a few spines in the nose.

    Not an ideal scenario, both for the dog and hedgehog, so depending on the advice from the hedgehog link advised, I would second Whistling Joe's comment, which is to keep them apart, use a lead, and not one of those extending leads, a proper fixed length lead giving you full control.

    If you can sort an area out where the dog can roam independent of the hedgehog, great, but it's not always a feasible option.


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  • Your dog is genetically programmed to hunt... S,/he is more than likely to go through the pain barrier to achieve success.. You need to get your recall and leave cues perfect... What we behaviourists call a martini cue lol as in anytime anyplace anywhere..
     My boyo clumber spaniel will bring them in if he comes across one when out in garden on own.. He doesn't harm them at all.. He just brings them in and presents them as he would a bird as if to say thought you would like this... My girlie clumber just stands and barks like crazy.. As in sort it.. Now.. At least it means I can treat them for parasites...