Swallow nests predated

I have just found that the three swallow nests up in my eaves have been predated. I noticed broken pieces of nest wall on the ground, then found a dead chick. When I looked up at the nests all three had been smashed (two had live chicks in prior to the attack) I can only assume this is another bird as the nests are about 6 metres off the ground. 

Is this common, not found anything obvious on internet searches?

  • This sounds more like house martins? You mention nests being smashed and nest wall which suggests mud nests? I am afraid a great spotted woodpecker has visited. Only other likely candidate would be magpie, but imo they would need a ledge, windowsill, wall or similar just get up to the nests from. One of those ‘launch pads’ may be there?

    Sorry it happened at your house. I am afraid gsw are all too common and has happened here in the past, GSW numbers are booming and for some reason, people are being encouraged to continue attracting them into gardens and feeding them.
  • In reply to ItisaRobbo:

    Sorry yes, mud nests. I thought they were Swallows bet yes Martins, There are no ledges so I do not think a Magpie, Crow, Jackdaw etc could get in there. Sad,
  • Ok thanks. Yes, sorry about that. I'm afraid it will continue to get more widespread as GSWs continue to increase in number, and as house martins continue to decline, (habitat loss, human destruction/nest prevention, and house sparrow conflict as well as GSW and hawk predation) every nest destroyed by booming population of woodpeckers has an ever greater impact on the martin population.

    People will continue to feed the birds 24x7x365 though.