What can we do to help some baby robins , they are a good size but I think the parents have stopped visiting ?

We have some chicks in a geranium pot I’ve just watered the pot and something flew out it was i think two baby Robins . There are two back in the pot and one has hopped off into the undergrowth. I think the parents have stopped visiting but there are two chicks in the pot . Can we give them food ? I’m worried mum and dad have abandoned them. 

  • When young robins first fledge they are unable to fly for several days until their muscles and flight feathers develop more strength but parent birds will still be feeding them for three weeks or so and the male will take over feeding the chicks as the female prepares the next nesting site as they can have three broods in a season; I'm sure the adult birds are keeping watch so best advice always is to keep well away, do not be tempted to pick the chicks up so the adults can bring food to them; do not give the chicks food as the parents are most likely waiting to bring food in to them and won't do that if humans are close by. It is highly unlikely that both the parents have abandoned their chicks so enjoy watching from inside the house or a good distance away.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"