Toads in the bath tub pond

Over the years my partner and I have transformed a boggy, bare and boring garden into a small haven for nature. We attract many species of birds as we live on a small council estate near farmland. As years have passed we've created many new vital spaces for nature and dedicated all of the garden to it - even some of the house! We have multiple swallows' nests in the entry that have been repeatedly used for nearly 40 years and two Starling nests under the eaves. Sparrows use the hotel box and any small holes in the brickwork! A cheeky male Wren built an impressive nest on top of one of the Swallows' nests before they had arrived back this Spring but he has since abandoned it. We consider the wild birds as pets and have fed them for many years thus establishing a very impressive bird feeding site - there is never a moment when it's quiet! Chaffinch, Blackbird, Song and Mistle Thrush, various Tits, Robin, Dunnock and Collared Dove all frequent the station! Peregrine and Sparrowhawk hunt the area; Kestrel and Buzzard pass overhead. One year, a very trusting young Blackbird with an injured wing, would come to the back door and wait for us to open it, and then it would help itself from cherries and grapes from the fruit bowl! Unfortunately there are cats around, and after only a few months we sadly never saw 'Wonky' again. Toads are abundant in our area, probably ancient establishments that have lived here since before the marsh and fenland was drained for it's good soil and farmland was created. Each year, hundreds of toads seem to appear out of nowhere, and consequently end up stuck in the boggy areas of the garden. We built a pond out of an old bath tub, and filled it with Flag Iris and Bulrushes and as a result we have many happy tadpoles each spring! This year, we are focused on creating more habitat for insects and bugs. We have had different creatures visit the garden already, but my identification skill on insects and bugs is not as honed as it is with birds! We've planted climbers and other good plants and shrubs for creatures, and also put up a bug hotel. The bug hotel is currently being used by some type of bee. We have also created a veggie patch that the bees seem interested in digging at! I felt compelled to write such a big description because I am proud of everything we have achieved. I am uploading a few pictures today to share some of what we've created and also to help with identification! This description has been copied and pasted to each photo. Thanks for reading.