A "something" in my garden, March '09

I have no idea how to distinquish between toads and frogs - can anybody tell me what this is? I had to move it from the path it, it was very lethargic and dry and in grave danger of being met with a sticky end thanks to next door's cat!

  • It's tricky isn't it.....I was going on the skin when I at first thought it was a toad but then I looked at it's face and though naahhh....way too froggy! It didn't move very much so I can't say whether it was a jumper or a crawler although actually, having said that, it's coming back to me - it did try to jump over a 3ft high wall (unseuccessfully), so perhaps it is a frog? Anyway, thank you Tish and MarJus for your comments! Whatever it is I think it's beautiful :)

  • Although its skin isn't vey smooth, I would say that it was a frog. Toads crawl and have different 'faces' and are generally more 'warty'!

  • A common toad maybe.  I have loads round my garden.  I was told years ago that you should always pick up a toad or frog with wet hands as the heat from your hands burns them.. Don't know how true it is but I always m,ake sure my hands are wet!!  Great pic. Love frogs and toads.