finichies bring siskins

Not seen siskins for a whole year now, pleased to see them back again, in this 1st picture you can see the male just poking hes head around to see the action. a bit blury taken though window (must clean them)


  • Just looked on this site for the first time. Great Pics. I have quite a few videos, of some unusual birds as well as the more commoner bird. must join site now. Gillian

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    Nice ones Moorey!  It's always great to see a mixed finch flock, and I see the goldies are behaving like thugs as usual. I've had more siskins this year than ever before. I had 12 the other day, although now down to 4.

    Cheers, Linda.

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    Wow, what a lot of goldies you have, but I remember you mentioned them some while back.  

    I don't get many siskins in my garder - just the odd one occasionally.  I think this was one I had this morning - II thought it was a female chaffinch at first but the speckles make me think it's a siskin.

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    Hi Christine,

    Yes, you have a female siskin there.

    Cheers, Linda.

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    Brill feeder photos - I have yet to see a Siskin in my garden.

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    Lovely look very clean to me!!! I don't get many finches and no Siskins unfortunatley.  Yesterday I saw my first Greenfinch and this morning he was joined by a female.  So that is 3 Goldfinches and 2 Greenfinches now, I am hoping that they will stay around and increase!!


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    Wow, what a lot of finches. They are even fighting for space on your high rise feeder. Nice to see the Siskins. I had a couple visit during the cold snap but haven't seen them since.



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    Nice, busy feeders you got there Morey - have you had any Redpolls turn up to join the party?

    My Siskins turned up about end of Jan this year and for the first time in my garden (been here about year and a half) I got Lesser Redpolls in early Feb which was great, but kind of odd as they weren't around last winter. If you don't have Niger seed out you might want to try it as 'my' Redpolls love it.

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    hi all thanks for your kind words. i also have 6 pairs of green finchies and about 20 chaffinchies too i seem to have a good head of black birds too, 2 robins, 3 dunnocks,blue tits great tits missle thrush and song, reed buntings, starlings and the odd sparrow, doves, the odd hawk, fieldfairs, redwing,  


    thanks again

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    Super idea for extending your feeding station, I was running out of places to hang feeders, this has given me an idea for an extension!! and no planning permission required :-)