Two Hedgehogs now! :0)

I was happy enough a few days to get a photo of one Hedgehog,now I have two visit together.

I had to add more food as they were really tucking In,they like sunflower hearts and suet pellets

then washed down with a drink of water

I have a feeling my wildlife food bill will be a bit higher whoops!

 Littleowl :0)


  • Awwwwww! They're absolutely adorable! I love the last pic, it's cute little tongue, drinking. I don't seem to have any hedgehogs visit my garden but in my last home lots used to come by, what a noise they'd make at night! Lol.

    Great pics, love them. :)

  • In reply to Ella:

    Little Owl, hoggies are quite fond of cat food as well, wet and dry. Noisy little beasts, they sound like something a lot larger tramping through the undergrowth.  The first time my ex-sister-in-law heard them in my garden she thought there was a huge beast coming to attack us. I did fall about laughing and suggested she stop watching horror movies.

    Caroline in Jersey

    Cin J

  • Anonymous

    In reply to Germain:

    Brilliant pictures Little Owl, Super to have these guys in your garden. I cant remember the last time I saw a Hedgehog! Thats a shame as when I was younger they were quite a common sight really


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    Aww Littleowl, they're lovely!

    I wish we still had a hedgehog visit, that or at least the foxes :-(

    You're very lucky and the one that's drinking is extra cute!

    Becca :-)

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    Last wednesday night I was making sure the shed was locked and heard a strange noise coming from the plant pots on the patio so shone the tourch to find the massive hedgehog that visits us crunching into a big snail :-)

    Your pictures of them tucking into sunflower hearts and suet grains solves the mystery of why the ground feeders are moved when I come to top them up in the morning must be the hedgehog snuffling under them after the dust and bits that fall through the mesh :-)

    A very old Shropshire Lad.

  • In reply to ChrisS.:

    Thankyou everyone for your nice replys about the Hedgehogs!  :0)

  • In reply to littleowl:

    Have a lot of cats in the area so put out dog food, have 2 hogs every night now, the bigger one pushed little un away to start with but now little spike comes earlier
    They're a joy to see n hear
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    They certainly are adorable, though as you say can be very ,NOISY CHOL:):)