Tame Blackbird

 This Female Blackbird is waiting every morning outside the conservatory for me to feed her, she will come inside right up to me at times & shows no fear; it would appear that the need to feed her young is worth the risk even though ,  unknown to her , there is no risk.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Norm

    What a sweet lady to confide in you so much as she has done so

    It is true that Blackbirds (and all birds) do rely on handouts more so at this time of year due to the extra months they have to feed.

    It looks like you have a friend for life there


    Kathy and Dave


  • In reply to Anonymous:

    Hi norm

    They do seem to be quite fearless at the moment. My ones don't fly off when I go out and refill the feeders or the bird bath. In fact this morning the 2 female Blackbirds carried on feeding on the lawn, while a cat ambled along the top of the fence, and the male Blackbird was calling at it for ages and ages.

    Best wishes Chris

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  • In reply to Woodpecker:

    Hi Chris, I'm very impressed with your photos, wold love to know the details of camera, lens' etc:

    I've been a keen amateur for many years & am quite pleased with the ones I've added to my gallery to date. All the best , Norm.

  • In reply to norm:

    When I feed my lot in the morning (around 5) by the time I have got to the top of the garden and turned around my way is cut off by 3 or 4 adult blackies they dont fly away like sparrows or starlings they just scammper to the edge of the lawn as I pass then resume feeding once I am back in the house. I have one male blackbird who collects food and takes off over the fence over the main road down the street opposite right down to the trees at the end of that road to his nest then all the way back again.


    A very old Shropshire Lad.

  • I have one too!!

    We cal her Jenny. She's been coming to out house for the 3rd year. I feed her mealworns. She is getting really bold and coming in out Conservatory too. She recognises my voice when she lands on the fence. I say 'come on' and she jumps down. If there's no food, she knows the sound of the bag too and waits while I throw the worms.

    Love her little jenny