Are Goldcrest usually this friendly.

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    Just... wow! You are indeed honoured, and that is one beautiful photo. I'll have a look for the youtube films now :)

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  • Amazing how close he/she gets to you. Like others have said they are usually flitting about in the trees & never that close. Super photo & I am very envious. :-)

    Best wishes


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    Lucky you Fiz and a cracking pic too.They are super little birds.

    Welcome to the RSPB hope you enjoy it here.:0)



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    Oh lucky you, Fiv - fabulous picture of a lovely little bird and a warm welcome from me too:-))

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    Lovely photograph, best the working day is not so much of a drag with that stunning little visitor :)

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    brilliant capture.........fantastic little bird, you're so lucky..........

                                 paul & jo

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    Wow how lucky and what a fantastic picture you took.

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    just broken the ice on my pond in frog end shepreth and a gold crest appeared yay! bob

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    Hello Fiv and welcome to the community from me too.   Thats a stunning photo of your friendly Goldcrest and so pleased to hear you have such a trusting bird which is also happy to land on your hand, what a wonderful experience for you which I amall sure we would all love to be able to share so hope it continues to keep coming back and it enables you to take more beautiful photos of it  !!!   thanks for posting this up on the forum, a truly delightful thread to read.

    post edit:  just realised this thread dates back to 2011   lol    so my comment is a bit late !!!

    @ Bob,   well done on spotting a lovely goldcrest in your garden, they are wonderful little birds.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Wonderful !!  So pleased for you.

    Just in case you don't know,if this is ''your'' Goldcrest she is a female. The males have an orange crest. I so wish any bird would alight on my hand in my garden.