Are Goldcrest usually this friendly.

I have a very friendly little goldcrest who comes to visit me at the window where I sit and work, every day.

He is so friendly that he will quite happily jump onto my hand an let me take close-pictures of him; although he moves so quickly, I need a very fast shutter speed to capture him without motion-blur.

Are goldcrest usually this fiendly?



  • Hi Fiv and welcome to the RSPB Community.

    Goldcrests can be quite bold but you are truly honoured. 


    Every day a little more irate about bird of prey persecution, and I have a cat - Got a problem with that?

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    In reply to John B (not the sloop):

    WOW!!! Truly honoured indeed.


  • what a lovely photo - I've only every seen blurs really high up!

    hope you enjoy the forum and also add more lovely pictures




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  • Hi Fiv It's brilliant something that small can be so trusting



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    In reply to Janner:

    Hi fiv and welcome to the RSPB Forum.  Enjoy yourself here

    What a beautiul photos of your little Goldcrest you have posted here.

    Birds do become quite trusting in people, and I am sure they get to know your visits and habits on a daily basis now.

    Please share more if you wish of your Goldcrests anytime here as i would love to hear your reports


    Kathy and Dave

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    Hi fiv

    Another issue about your Goldcrest is that it likes to dig out all the spiders and the bugs from the eaves of your workplace.  The frames of your windows are another place they love a lot for their meals

    The more eaves... the better for bugs and beasties to thrive, and to love a lot so that all birds will forage for, and to  look for their favourite snack any time of the day or night.


    Kathy and Dave

  • Hello Fiv. What a lovely photograph of a beautiful little bird. I envy the relationship you have built with your goldcrest.

  • Hi Fiv

    Welcome to the Community from me too. :-)

    What a cracking photo of a goldcrest. :-) Well captured you. :-)

    I envy your relationship with such a beauty too. :-))

    Best wishes Chris

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  • Fiv said:
    Are goldcrest usually this fiendly?

    Not to me they're not. I haven't managed to get a photo of one at all. You are very privileged to have one that's so friendly. Stunning photo.




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  • Thanks for all the great comments people. It's great to knwo that everyone seems to appreciate this tiny bird as much as I do. For anyone interested, I've posted a couple if videos of him on youTube. Just search for "goldcrest" and "fivian". Hopefully, I'll jet some likes/dislikes and/or some comments. Not had any yet :(