Hedgehogs - drunk?

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    Hi all... I am really enjoying these hedgehog tales. Jillyflower - harrassment by hedgehog - lovely! Thank you all and lets hope for more happy tales.

    The necessity of bird-watching is a really good reason for avoiding all forms of housework.

    The dust will still be there tomorrow - the birds may not be!

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    Hello everybody

    Thank heavens for this site!!

    I am delighted to report a hedgehog in my garden and met it officially last night after a container in the garden was knocked over.

    I  have bought cat food for snuffles will this be ok?

    Also does anyone know the difference between the male and female this one was quite a size.

    What's best a wooden hedgehog house (hedgehog band G) or a cardboard box (hedgehog band band A)?


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    Can't imagine that

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    looking at this again l do love  this story and pictures