Encouraging bird life

Hi, I have moved into a relative new build house in the centre of the complex. The garden is just turf, no trees yet and bounded by fence on 2 sides and garage/house on the other 2.

I have put out a pole feeding station with 5 different feeders and a water dish about a month ago but have not seen any sign of bird life on it yet. Is there a good way to draw the birds in quicker or is it just an element of patience?


  • Hi Richard
    Patience is the main key, but also providing some sort of cover for any potential birds you may get would help. Also, this time of year the natural world provides a rich bounty for many of our garden species, with plenty of berries, and insects still about too. As the weather turns colder I would have thought more will visit you. We moved into a similar sounding property in March, and it was a good 6 or 8 weeks before we had anything more than sparrows and starlings visit. Stick with it, and as you are having few visitors don't forget to check the food isn't rotting in the feeders as the weather has been so wet recently

  • Hi Richard I had the same problem, I have just pruned my apple tree that grows every year about just over a metre, my bird feeders hang from the branches of the tree. I Hardly saw a bird for over two weeks but they are gradually returning.
    Once you get the garden planted with shrubs and the odd tree to provide some cover all will be well. The birds will get used to your bird feeders and a regular supply of clean water and before you know it you will get birds regularly in your garden. Birds feed at different times of the day but you will know if they have been using your feeders by checking them and of course refilling them.
  • Thanks for the reassurances both! I will remain patient, change the food regularly and hope the passing flocks drop in soon!
    Has anyone got any ‘must have’ foods that birds just can’t resist?
  • In reply to Richard Whiting :

    Since I started feeding sunflower hearts I started to see greenfinch, and goldfinch this with mixed birdseed, fat balls and suet cake is good also for a large selection of birds, good luck Richard.