Kestrel ate a birds head I've filmed could someone confirm.

So we have been encouraging birds/ wildlife into our garden (Southampton ) this year as were homeschooling. We have only seen magpie wood pigeons robin's until today.

We were just about to go outside when something hit the window , feathers were flying every for a split second I thought it's wing was broken upon looking further the bird was pecking off a  wood pigeons head .

We didn't want to disturb it as it shocked me , I've never seen this and thought it must be hungry so left it alone .

I'm certain that this was a kestrel possibly a falcon kestrel can I send film to hopefully get help identifying. 

I'm hoping to do project about it and the kids are now getting what bird it was that ate the pigeon that ages mummy seeds lol

Thank you in advance x Hayley 

  • Hi Haley Jayne...sounds more like behavour of a Sparrowhawk to me. Sorry I am no use to advise you on how to upload a video but most people just create a link to their youtube. Hopefully someone else will be able to advise you better.

    Sparrowhawk with a poor pigeon

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Welcome to the community Hayley ... like Linda my guess woukd be Sparrowhawk, wood pigeon would be rather too large prey for a Kestrel!
    You definitely need to upload your vid to Youtube first to obtain URL for posting on here using media box in 'rich formatting' ... if you manage to upload to YT then give a shout for more help!
    Another way to get quick ID is to take a still shot from your footage & post as a pic!


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  • Hi Haley I see Linda has posted a photo of a female Sparrowhawk for you, here is a male from this morning for comparison 

    My Flickr photos

  • As others have said, sparrowhawk. The only other thing I'll add is it is remarkably common how pigeons and sparrowhawks end up crashing into windows during a chase. I've heard of several instances, and that's just from relatives!