Nature at work; WARNING, some viewers may find one or more of these video clips disturbing.

Nature at work; WARNING, some may find one or more of these video clips disturbing.

The following short video clips were recorded on the Bushnell Natureview Gardencam, and it shows nature probably at its harshest for many, but it is real life and no human intervention, other than the infra-red glow of the camera. Although these are placed on my Flickr account, there is no requirement to download any software to view the videos


A rather weak looking stock dove, and may precede the video [10040006] where a stock dove is attacked by a wood pigeon.


A wood pigeon attacks a stock dove, right in front of the Bushnell Natureview Camera.

The stock dove may be the same one as in the earlier video [10030206] of a rather weak looking stock dove.


Cat taunts a mouse in the garden at night. The cat is also distracted by the red glow of the infra-red light on the camera, which is why it keeps looking at the camera.


The mouse seems to play dead, so the cat ignores it, until, it moves. The cat gets distracted and looks to its right, down the garden, where a hedgehog appears.



The mouse makes a dash for it, and the cat rapidly makes chase!


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