Scary Blackbird!

I have a bird feeding station in my garden and I feed the birds all year round. I have done for years without a problem. 

Today I was horrified to witness a male blackbird attacking my chihuahua puppy (...and the worse thing is: my pitt bull ran off and left her with it attached on her back, pecking, squawking and flapping!!!) 

The blackbird has continued to terrorise us in our garden all day, literally dive bombing and stomping around on fences and on the ground, making really loud calls. It is constantly watching us. There is a pair of them. One male and one female. It's the male that is aggressive.

Any advice on how to handle this angry bird please? 

  • Hi Stella, the blackbirds are defending their territory as the will have young about. We have had this with our wee cat. They make such a noise, swooping down and at the animal, whilst squaking all the time. I can only suggest that for the next while try and keep your pets in a different part of the garden. All will be happier then.

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  • In reply to Catlady:

    I have since discovered there is a nest in the ivy, on the garage wall, by our back door. Two babies have since come out!
    I never thought blackbirds could be so aggressive though!